By default, app data appears in tabular view. You can also view your data in split view by clicking anywhere on a record

Tabular View

In the tabular view, your data is shown in the form of a simple tabular record list. 

Tabular view

The following actions can be taken exclusively in tabular view:

  • Change column width: To increase or decrease column width in the tabular view, go to the top row of the table and drag the boundaries between columns horizontally.

  • Bulk edit: You can edit multiple records at once by clicking the bulk edit button in tabular view. 

Split view

Clicking anywhere on a record in the tabular record list opens up a split view. Here, all records are listed in card form on the left, while details of the record appear on the right. You can also see record comments, tasks, files, and history here. To exit split view, click on the black cross on the top right.

Split view

Hide or show columns

To hide or show columns in either view, click on the gear icon and go to Show/Hide fields. From the drop-down list, uncheck boxes against the fields that you'd like to hide and check boxes against the fields you'd like to show. In split view, hidden columns will not show up in card form on the left, but will show in the record details on the right.