What is an app?

Orgzit apps allow you to store, organize, and analyze data in the form of lists. With apps, you can track every activity that constitutes a project. For a Human Resource team's recruitment project, for example, you could create separate apps for job descriptions and pay scales, managing applications, and scheduling interviews.

Orgzit lets you create as many apps as you need, so that every single activity can be organized and tracked. Apps are made up of fields and records:

Fields are the columns that constitute your app. For an app that tracks job descriptions, for example, you could create fields such as job title, responsibilities, required qualifications, and required experience. For each field, you need to specify a data type and attribute.

Each row of an app is a record. It holds a variety of information to do with a single entity, such as an employee or a work item.

Creating an app

Apps can be added from the Manage Project page, accessed by clicking on the relevant project in your dashboard and then clicking the Manage Project button. Note: You need administrator rights to be able to access the Manage Project page.

On the Manage Project page, you can either add a pre-built app from Orgzit's app library or create a custom app of your own. Click here to learn more about pre-built apps, or here to know more about building custom apps.