Attributes are used in addition to data types to qualify the kind of information that can be entered under a particular field. See the table below to learn about the different kinds of attributes in Orgzit. Click here to learn about which attributes and data types can be used together.

Field attribute Function

Admin edit only

Bars everyone but administrators from entering values under the field.

Automatically assign value

Automatically populates a field for a record. It can be used, for example, to automatically enter the date when a record is created, or to enter the name of the user who creates a record.

Admin only

Makes the field visible to administrators only.

Auto user except when admin

Automatically enters the name of the editor for every edited record, unless the editor of the record is an administrator.

Detail only

Restricts the field from appearing in the tabular view, but shows the field in the summary section of the split view and full record view.

Dropdown of users

Allows you to pick a user name from a drop-down list.


Allows you to enter formulas and run calculations.

Automatically increment

Can be applied to fields with the integer data type. Automatically populates the field in every subsequent record with an incremental integer. Could be used for employee numbers, asset tag numbers etc.

Hidden during create

Hides the field from view when records are being entered. The field can be viewed and modified in other views.


Allows you to enter a value from a drop-down list.


Allows you to enter an email address.

Read only

Allows you to view a field but not modify it.

Phone number

Allows you to enter a phone number.


Makes it mandatory to enter a value in the field. 

Notification when user changes

Triggers a push notification each time a username is changed.

Text area

For long text entries, for example, addresses.

Display records only to user mentioned in the field

Used to restrict access to information. Makes the record visible only to the user mentioned in the field. 


Allows you to enter a money value.


Allows you to enter a web address.